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Unusual case of a tapeworm moving across the brain sparks genomic insight


Dr Hayley Bennett is a researcher from the parasite genomics group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. She is the lead author of an article… Read more »

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BugBitten and the art of war

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Srimathy Sriskantharajah

Srimathy Sriskantharajah completed a BSc in Microbiology (UCL) and a PhD in environmental microbiology/ atmospheric chemistry (Royal Holloway University of London) before joining BioMed Central. Srimathy blogs about microbiology, infectious diseases and the environment amongst other things.

Srimathy is the Executive Publisher for Parasites & Vectors, Malaria Journal and other microbiology/ infectious diseases journals at BioMed Central.
Srimathy Sriskantharajah

According to Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military general, strategist and author of Art of War,  the key to winning a… Read more »

The gut-brain axis: what’s the relationship between our bowels and our brains?

2014-04_thematic series_brain-gut-jigsaw- crop
On Biology

What is the nature of the relationship between the brain and the gut? This is a question that has fascinated scientists and… Read more »

Weapons of low-mass destruction: small ORFs in the uncharted parasite genome

bmc biol
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In our genomes, there is a whole host of genes hiding in plain sight. These genes are not included in major genome annotation… Read more »

Coral reef fish and parasite biodiversity

Figure 1
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Matthew Landau

Senior Journal Development Editor at BioMed Central
Matt looks after a portfolio of animal and plant science journals. Before joining BioMed Central in 2011, he worked at an NHS Primary Care Trust and as a freelance researcher for Katachi Magazine.
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Coral reefs are hotspots for biodiversity, both for invertebrates and vertebrates. Many marine species spend all or parts of their… Read more »