Automated Experimentation – a new independent, open access journal

Automated Experimentation launched today, providing a new platform for
biomedical and informatics researchers to revise, re-use
and recombine their automated experimentation processes or protocols. With
recent advances in engineering, laboratory robotics and informatics, the
automation of experiments are becoming increasingly important for expediting
large-scale research, particularly in areas such as systems biology and
translational medicine.

“Our aim is to bring
together the diverse forms of automated experimentation and, by studying them
in an abstract but practical way, understand how they generalise across
domains”, say Editors-in-Chief, Siu-Wai Leung, Dave Robertson and Dietlind
Gerloff in their launch Editorial,
concluding, “In this way we hope Automated Experimentation will promote
new styles of computationally inspired experimental thinking.”

Please view the journal website to read the first three
articles published in Automated Experimentation. If you would like to
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