Thematic series on Workforce in Public Health

This new
thematic series
, which recently began publication in Australia and New Zealand Health Policy,
examines a diverse range of topics associated with the public health
workforce. The articles in the series focus on Australian and New Zealand examples
of ongoing improvements and issues in this sector which are applicable to
countries across the globe.

Health workforce has increasingly become a major concern and
a worldwide health policy issue, particularly following the “brain drain” of
health professionals from developing countries. As
Editors Vivian Lin, Rebecca Watson and Brian
Oldenburg mention in the series Editorial, there is a
considerable need to evaluate the existing public health workforce in order to
assess what is required to train and educate future public health workers and
which related health policy agendas currently need attention.

The first five articles in the series highlight improvements, innovations and challenges associated
with educating and training the public health workforce, workforce planning and capacity
and the evaluation of public health activity
in a country.

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