BioData Mining – a new open access journal from BioMed Central

BioData Mining is a new open access journal which publishes original articles on all aspects of data mining
applied to high-dimensional biological and biomedical data, focusing on
computational aspects of knowledge discovery from large-scale genetic,
transcriptomic, genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic data.

As well as being
open access, BioData Mining also operates an open peer review process,
which the Editors-in-Chief hope will ‘foster constructive reviews and therefore enrich the criticism’. Details about the peer review process and topical areas
of interest for BioData Mining can be found on the journal ‘About’ page. Registering to receive regular
alerts will keep you informed of the latest developments published in this exciting new journal.

Jesus Aguilar-Ruiz PhD, (Pablo De Olavide
University) and Jason H. Moore PhD (Dartmouth Medical School), Editors-in-Chief of BioData Mining, are
supported by an expert Editorial

Please read the launch Editorial for
further information about the journal.

Andrea Melendez
Journal Development Editor

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