BioMed Central – on location at ISMB

The 16th annual Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology conference (ISMB) is taking place in Toronto, Canada this month (19- 23 July) and BioMed Central is busy gearing up for the event. 

The ISMB conference is the leading international meeting bringing together researchers in bioinformatics, systems biology, genomics and other computational aspects of biology.  Researchers working in these fields are some of the most enthusiastic supporters of open access, and BioMed Central has a particular strong portfolio of journals in this area. These include Genome Biology, BMC Bioinformatics, BMC Genomics, Biology Direct and BMC Systems Biology. Attending ISMB is a great opportunity to stay in touch with the many BioMed Central authors, Editors and Editorial Board members who attend the meeting.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again this year!

What’s happening on the BioMed Central booth (#13)

  • Calling all freebie lovers! – Following the success of the "I’m Open"
    T-shirts last year, we have lined up an even better freebie this year.  So make sure you visit the BioMed Central booth, not only to hear the latest about our open access journals, but to pick up our mystery giveaway. 

    A must-have for any bioinformatician, we expect these gifts to be popular so make sure you visit the booth early!    

  • Meet the team – Visit the BioMed Central booth to meet some of the team, Publisher Matt Cockerill will be at the event as will Maria Kowalczuk, the in-house editor for BMC Bioinformatics, who will be ready to answer any of your journal questions.
  • Free your data! – New to the BioMed Central booth this year will be our recently launched journal BMC Research Notes which encourages researchers to ‘free their data’ by publishing short reports and datasets in all fields of biology and medicine.  Be sure to come by for more information and become part of the movement!

Conference activities

  • Special Session on the Future of Scientific Publishing
    Wed, July 23: 10:45 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.
    This special session, in which BioMed Central is a participant, will examine the future of scientific publishing with particular emphasis on literature mining, semantic enrichment, and data integration.
  • ISCB Student Council Symposium – For the third year running BMC Bioinformatics is proud to be supporting young scientists by sponsoring the ISCB Student Council Symposium.  Taking place the day before the annual conference, the Student Council Symposium provides a forum for students and young researchers in the fields of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics to present their work to an international audience.
  • Delegate bags – Be sure to delve into your ISMB delegate bag for your BMC Bioinformatics postcard. The postcards look nice on office/ lab walls, whilst also providing useful journal information!

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