Molecular Cytogenetics – a new journal from BioMed Central


are pleased to announce the launch of Molecular Cytogenetics, a
new open access, independent journal, which encompasses all aspects of
chromosome biology and the application of molecular cytogenetic techniques in
all areas of biomedicine.

Molecular Cytogenetics represents
the first open access source for research concerning molecular cytogenetic
techniques, and aims to provide an international scientific platform for
researchers in the field. Details regarding topical areas of interest for Molecular
can be found on the journal ‘About’ page. To
keep abreast with the latest developments of this exciting new journal, please register to receive
regular alerts

Liehr (Institute of Human Genetics and Anthropology), Lisa Shaffer (Signature
Genomic Laboratories), and Yuri Yurov (National Research Center of Mental
Health), Editors-in-Chief of Molecular Cytogenetics, are supported by an
international Editorial

Please read the launch Editorial
for further information about the journal.

Lisa Phelps

Assistant Editor – Independent Journals

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dr e nacheva

Welcome to the new journal – Molecular Cytogenetics ! Much needed platform, especially for research in cancer cytogenetics. However, there is little or no representation regarding experts in the field of haematological molecular cytogenetics on the editorial board.

suhair eid

i think this journal will serve the purpose of publishing new aspects in the foeld of molecular genetics

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