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How to Share Data with a Statistician

This is a guest blog posted on behalf of Jeff Leek, an assistant professor in the Biostatistics Department of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. His work focuses on statistical methods for high-dimensional data and genomics. For more info check out his Bio or find him on Twitter @simplystats.   This is a… Read more »


Open Repository announces new US client (The Five Colleges of Ohio)

Open Repository has acquired a new US client, an institutional consortium consisting of The Five Colleges of Ohio: Oberlin College, Denison University College of Wooster, Kenyon College, and Ohio Wesleyan University.  The initial repository launch will contain communities and collections from Denison and Oberlin.  Previously, the repositories forming the 5 Colleges repository were part of… Read more »


Cool Things the NHS is Doing with Data

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS)—the fifth biggest organization in the world after the US Army, Chinese Army, Wal-Mart, and McDonalds—has more than 1.5 million patient interactions per day. It’s ripe for taking advantage of new big data technologies. Yesterday at the London O’Reilly Strata Conference: Making Data Work, I listened to two inspiring talks… Read more »

Health Medicine

Open Repository introduces new User-Interface along with DSpace v3.2 upgrade

In August, the Open Repository team commenced upgrading clients to the latest DSpace version 3.2. All clients hosted on our internal infrastructure will be upgraded in batches over the reminder of 2013. The upgrade brings improvements in search, indexing and general repository performance. This process also affords clients the opportunity to audit their existing repository… Read more »


Peer review under scrutiny

Papers and laptop_iStock Photo

Peer review is a key process in the publication of scientific research, and often finds itself under scrutiny and the topic of debate. Discussions around the future of peer review and problems with current models have led to experiments with open peer review, post publication peer review and double-blind peer review. At BioMed Central we offer… Read more »


Open Repository Announces Launch of Institute for Christian Studies’ (ICS) Repository

The Institute for Christian Studies (ICS) in Toronto, Canada, launched its repository on October 21, 2013, during Open Access week. The ICS, an independent graduate school for interdisciplinary philosophy, decided that Open Repository was the ideal service to fulfil their Institute’s open access requirements. Through the repository, ICS is able to collect, archive and preserve their… Read more »