Open Repository introduces new User-Interface along with DSpace v3.2 upgrade

In August, the Open Repository team commenced upgrading clients to the latest DSpace version 3.2. All clients hosted on our internal infrastructure will be upgraded in batches over the reminder of 2013. The upgrade brings improvements in search, indexing and general repository performance. This process also affords clients the opportunity to audit their existing repository content, structure and layout for future planning.

Along with this upgrade, Open Repository is introducing a new device-responsive User-Interface. UX-tested by BioMed Central’s web-design team, the contemporary design resizes to fit desktops, smart-phones and tablets, offering the best possible user-experience per device. Focused around a core-design, the Open Repository team is working with each client individually to customize and implement this new feature. These include the University of Arizona and the Dalton State College University.

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