Open Repository Announces Launch of Institute for Christian Studies’ (ICS) Repository

The Institute for Christian Studies (ICS) in Toronto, Canada, launched its repository on October 21, 2013, during Open Access week. The ICS, an independent graduate school for interdisciplinary philosophy, decided that Open Repository was the ideal service to fulfil their Institute’s open access requirements. Through the repository, ICS is able to collect, archive and preserve their scholarly materials whilst showcasing it to a global and unrestricted audience.

ICS’ primary need for a repository was to allow them to continue to participate and submit theses and dissertations to the Library/Archives Canada (LAC) Theses Canada Portal. They also needed a way to preserve and communicate their journal Perspective as well as some of their archival ephemera and a mechanism to highlight and preserve the scholarly works of their faculty and graduate students.

Matthew Johnson from ICS says, “This project represents an important step in the contribution of ICS to the enrichment of future scholarship as the publications and theses produced within these walls become widely available for both disciplined research and casual inquiry. The voices of ICS, past and present, deserve to be heard, and the scholars of the future need to hear them.” Download the Case Study here.

Open Repository builds, hosts and customizes DSpace repositories for institutions, enabling the institution to focus on managing and developing content within their repository. Through Open Repository and Open Repository Lite, clients can choose a package to suit their needs. Open Repository offers clients the full services required to successfully run a repository, while Open Repository Lite offers is aimed at clients from emerging and developing countries, requiring a simple install at a cost effective price. Open Repository is offered by BioMed Central, the leading Open Access publisher.

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