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RTS,S; the world’s first malaria vaccine?

According to the World Health Organisation, each year malaria causes an estimated 660,000 deaths worldwide, mostly in Africa, where one child dies of malaria each minute. At present, there is no available vaccine, only preventative measures such as mosquito nets and insecticides which have limited use. In a considerable step forward towards the fight against malaria,… Read more »


"To Share or Not to Share?: Registration and Reporting of Clinical Trial Results"

The AllTrials campaign (explained in a recent interview in our online magazine Biome) and books such as Ben Goldacre’s Bad Pharma have brought the issue of registration and reporting of clinical trials into the spotlight. The push for greater transparency continues to gain momentum. Recent discussions around the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) proposal to proactively publish the information submitted… Read more »

Medical Evidence Medicine

Current concepts in Alzheimer’s Disease: molecules, models and translational perspectives


During last year’s Society for Neuroscience (SfN) meeting, the BrightFocus Foundation, (previously the American Health Assistance Foundation,) and The Internationale Stichting Alzheimer Onderzoek held the third in a series of interactive workshops for both junior and senior scientists to discuss the emerging concepts in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Due to growing life expectancies, AD, along with… Read more »


Call for papers: Genome Medicine announces a series on Cancer Epigenomics

Genome Medicine

In 2014, Genome Medicine will publish a series focusing on Cancer Epigenomics, guest edited by Stephan Beck (University College London).    Large-scale sequencing and high-throughput ‘omic  studies of a wide variety of cancers have revealed epigenomic variations, including DNA methylation, histone modification and mutations in genes involved in epigenetic regulation. These have provided mechanistic insights into… Read more »