Call for papers: Genome Medicine announces a series on Cancer Epigenomics

In 2014, Genome Medicine will publish a series focusing on Cancer Epigenomics, guest edited by Stephan Beck (University College London).   

Large-scale sequencing and high-throughput ‘omic  studies of a wide variety of cancers have revealed epigenomic variations, including DNA methylation, histone modification and mutations in genes involved in epigenetic regulation. These have provided mechanistic insights into cancer initiation and progression, and are revealing novel approaches and targets for therapeutic intervention.

This series aims to bring together translational findings in cancer epigenomics that have the potential to inform new approaches for screening, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer.

The editors are accepting submissions of Research, Method, Database and Software manuscripts. The publication of these articles will be coordinated with specially commissioned articles by leaders in the field, including Susan Clark, Olivier Bernard, Toshikazu Ushijima, Kenneth Nephew, Christoph Bock and Mathieu Lupien.

Submissions are welcome across all ‘omics fields, including but not limited to the following areas:

  •  Epigenomic alterations in cancer, including DNA methylation, histone modifications or noncoding RNAs
  •  Epigenomic biomarkers for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic response
  •  Epigenetic therapies for cancer

If you would like to submit a manuscript for consideration please use the following link to our online submission system, and indicate in your covering letter that you would like it to be considered for the Cancer Epigenomics series. For more information or to submit a presubmission enquiry, please email

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