Journal of Intensive Care publishes its first articles today

Journal of Intensive Care, a new open access journal published by BioMed Central, has launched today.

As the official publication of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine, this new journal marks a significant development in the field, as it is the first open access English-language journal published on the subject from the Asia and Pan-Pacific region.

In the journal’s launch editorial, Professor Gando explains that “…intensive care medicine is now a mature and independent specialty that is taught and practiced all over the world” and that the “establishment of the intensive care field in the previous decade, as well as the large scope for expansion within this subject area, gave strength to the idea that a new, modern, internet-based electronic journal, Journal of Intensive Care, was needed to help further develop intensive care medicine worldwide.”

The journal aims to publish articles on trauma and surgical intensive care, pediatric intensive care, acute and emergency medicine, perioperative care medicine, resuscitation, infection control and organ dysfunction.

Many topics from this growing field of patient care are represented in the first issue, including articles about ventilator-associated pneumonia diagnosis, intravenous immunoglobulin efficacy for sepsis, and on arbekacin treatment of a multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas infection.

Journal of Intensive Care is an exciting new addition to our growing portfolio of critical and intensive care journals, and is supported by an expert Editorial Board.


The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine covers the publication costs for all manuscripts submitted to the journal.

Please visit the journal website to find out more about the journal, submit your manuscript and to sign up for article alerts.

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