Help shape effective responses to the spread of hepatitis C virus

Announcing the HCV HUB Planning and Implementation website—an open access collection of articles, action plans, interventions and best practices on controlling the progression of hepatitis C virus (HCV).


At the HCV2020 Forum in April 2016, Deusto Business School Health (Bilbao, Spain) will introduce the HCV HUB Planning and Implementation website, a comprehensive and accessible HCV database of the latest research, tools, case studies and articles on HCV disease cure and control efforts. The first of its kind, the website aims to be the most widely trusted resource for those seeking strategies on researching, planning and implementing an HCV plan.

Contributions by some of the most knowledgeable and renowned scientific, educational and political leaders in the field of HCV will help make this dynamic and up-to-date compendium an indispensable resource for all those focused on bringing HCV under control. Join an active global community of educators, researchers, healthcare providers, policymakers, and others in creating action plans, interventions and best practices in controlling HCV.

What to expect

The HCV HUB Planning and Implementation website is designed to:

  • reduce the amount of time you spend scouring the Internet and journals for information on HCV;
  • aggregate the most reputable HCV sources and publications;
  • provide local, national, and global perspectives on initiatives to manage and control the disease: and
  • showcase the wide range of HCV materials on one platform.

Resources on the HCV HUB Planning and Implementation website will be organized according to the following categories:

  • Analyses of the situation: scientific publications that examine the status of HCV in different contexts.
  • Action plans: strategies to fight HCV at the local, national, and global levels.
  • Interventions: scientific publications and evidence about specific ways of dealing with HCV. The quantitative and qualitative results provided by these documents can guide decision-makers towards more successful types of interventions.
  • Case studies: interventions identified as interesting experiences to share. The objective is to describe how these interventions have been implemented to encourage and facilitate their transfer to other settings.
  • Tools: documents to guide and support policymakers and stakeholders in the planning process.

Help us provide solutions

Your experiences and perspectives are important as we work together to slow the progression of HCV. Deusto Business School Health invites you to submit a case study for possible inclusion on the HCV HUB Planning and Implementation website. The website is continuously evolving, and it will benefit significantly from public participation.

To submit a case study for consideration, please click here.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Join us as we seek broad collaboration on critical efforts to bring an end to HCV infection. Visit the Deusto Business School Health HCV HUB Planning and Implementation website to access the most complete database of resources on HVC prevention and control and to begin your planning and implementation initiatives.

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