All about epigenomics: October is special issue month in Genome Biology


GB special issue coverThe October 2012 issue of Genome Biology will be a bumper special issue dedicated to all things epigenomic, packed with new research, reviews and comment. The issue will feature an editorial from Guest Editor Dr Alexander Meissner (Harvard University; Broad Institute), alongside articles contributed by many leaders in the fields of epigenomics, genomics and bioinformatics, including Bradley Bernstein, Christoph Bock, Chuan He, Steven Henikoff, Rafael Irazarry, Laura Landweber, Dixie Mager, Richard Meehan, Kathrin Plath, Wing-Kin Sung, Jo Vandesompele and Detlef Weigel.

We have already published the first set of special issue articles, which range from novel computational and wet lab methods to studies on the role of DNA methylation in human health to novel insights into the function of the histone H2A.Z in stem cells, and much more besides.

We will continue to publish special issue articles over the course of the month, so please do look out for new publications on our website, or by following the #epigenomicsissue Twitter hashtag. We also recommend reading Epigenie's guide to some of the methods and software tools described in the special issue. For a more general view of epigenomics in Genome Biology, see all our 2012 publications on the topic here.

Update: Epigenie's coverage of our epigenomics issue has been expanded to include commentaries on the following reasearch articles: heart failure hypomethylation; rethinking cancer hypermethylation; how methylation is contained in ERVs; stem cell H2A.Z.

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