Submission deadline extension for Genome Biology's Special Issue on Epigenomics

Genome Biology would like to announce an extension to the submission deadline for our Special Issue on Epigenomics, planned for publication in late summer 2012. The new submission deadline is May 31st.

For consideration in the issue, we are inviting submissions of Research, Method and Software manuscripts on all aspects of the epigenome, such as:

  • methylomes (and hydroxymethylomes)
  • histone modifications
  • nucleosome positioning
  • higher order chromatin structure
  • genome-interacting non-coding RNAs

As reported previously, Dr Alexander Meissner, a leader in the field of epigenomics, serves as Guest Editor.

Interested authors should use Genome Biology's regular submission site, but indicate in a covering letter that the manuscript is to be considered for the special issue. Requests for further information are welcome and should be sent to

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