Flavour and the New Nordic Cuisine – from seaweed to science!

Flavourand the New Nordic Cuisine was a seminar to celebrate the launch of Flavour, a new interdisciplinary journal covering the psychophysical, psychological and chemical aspects of eating food, as mediated through all the senses.

Speakers Per Møller, Ole Mouritsen and Lars Williams explored how flavour shapes our world, including samples of new food and flavourings developed by Noma and the Nordic Food Lab. All three talks are now available to watch on the Flavour website, and the slides from each talk can be found below.

In the first talk, Per Møller, Editor-in-Chief of Flavour, gave an overview of the journal and its important role in bridging the gap between all disciplines that work on taste and flavour, including neuroscience, genetics, psychology, sensory science and philosophy.

Per Moller- Flavour Launch from BioMedCentral

Per was followed by Ole Mouritsen who spoke about his great passion: the algae, also known as seaweeds. The audience tried four samples, each with its own texture and flavour. Ole told us that seaweeds are a great untapped resource for food and flavour, as diverse as the plant kingdom.

Ole G Mouritsen- Flavour Launch from BioMedCentral

The seminar ended with Lars Williams, chef at Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen and Head of Research at the Nordic Food Lab. He described new products he is developing including Nordic marmite from brewers’ yeast and a Nordic version of Dashi, a ubiquitous ingredient for Japanese stocks and soups. The audience sampled another species of dried seaweed, together with kelp crisps and seaweed ice cream. The seaweed recipes are included in a research article in the inaugural issue of Flavour.

Lars Williams- Flavour Launch from BioMedCentral

Flavour and the New Nordic Cuisine was held on 28th March 2012 at Senate House, University of London. The event was jointly hosted by the London Gastronomy Seminars, the Centre for the Study of the Senses at the University of London and BioMed Central, publishers of Flavour.

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