Molecular and Cellular Therapies launches with BioMed Central

Molecular and Cellular Therapies is a new BioMed Central journal, which publishes its first articles today. The journal is led by Editors-in-Chief Xiangdong Wang and Bryon Peterson, and the four Section Editors, Ulf Andersson Ørom, Andrew Badley, Marek Malecki and Dan Peer.

Molecular and Cellular Therapies aims to publish both basic and clinical research that helps to establish new therapies, exploring  for example, pharmacokinetics, biomarkers and novel treatment applications. In recent years, cellular therapies have received greater consideration for their use in disease treatments across many clinical disciplines, and the journal therefore welcomes research from a range of fields, from genetics and biotechnology to drug development and delivery.

Submissions relating to all aspects of molecular and cellular therapies are welcome, but the journal aims to focus on four key sections:

The launch editorial, written by the two Editors-in-Chief and Section Editor Dan Peer, discusses in more detail how cellular therapies have become an increasingly popular choice for the development of novel disease treatments. They also note that whilst the identification of disease-specific targets for molecular and cellular therapies is important, it is equally important to identify disease biomarkers to trace the biological effects of the therapies.

For further information, visit the journal’s website,, or contact Research and review articles are encouraged and should be submitted via the journal’s online submission system.

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