From Baconian to Popperian Neuroscience


Neural Systems & Circuits 

In the first in a series of opinion pieces for Neural Systems & Circuits,
David Gamez argues for a greater use of mathematical modelling in order to
study the brain (From
Baconian to Popperian Neuroscience
).   The piece likens the recent technological
advances in neuroscience with the development of physics in the 17th
century, and suggests that the same principles (e.g. the systematic gathering
of experimental data in order to elucidate the scientific truth) should hold
true in this evolving field.

David states “This
opinion piece argues that the gathering of facts about the brain
to be complemented by a greater focus on mathematical models whose
predictions can be experimentally tested. These models should not be
fitted to a particular set of brain measurements, but based on general
laws that could in principle be applied to any intelligent creature.”

This piece marks
the first of our Opinionated Neuroscientists series, in which we invited
contributions from early career neuroscientists on a wide variety of subjects
within the field.
  For more information
on this series, please read the Editorial
opinionated neuroscientists
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