What can we learn from the neural circuits of invertebrates?

Neural Systems & CircuitsNeural Systems & Circuits is publishing a special thematic series dedicated to advances in invertebrate circuitry research. The series intends to provide the reader with an overview of new and exciting developments in the field, and will publish reviews and research from key scientists working on diverse model organisms, using either computational or experimental approaches.

For more information on the series, and an introduction to the work featured, please see the recently published Editorial written by Prof. George Kemenes. The first review, published by Prof. Malcolm Burrows, concentrates on the circuitry of phase change in the locust. Further contributions on the spatial navigation and pattern generation in the ant, decision making and pattern formation in the leech, the organisation of snail motor networks and an overview of the circuitry of insect flight will be published throughout the year.

We welcome contributions from the field, and are particularly keen to publish novel insights into the circuitry of insects, worms and crustaceans. To discuss your plans for publication, please contact editorial@neuralsystemsandcircuits.com, or submit your manuscript via our online submission system.

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