Neural Development celebrates its 1st birthday

Neural Development, launched a year ago under the guidance
of Editors-in-Chief Andrew Lumsden, Joshua Sanes, Bill Harris, and Rachel Wong,
celebrates its 1st birthday with a special Editorial,
highlighting the successes and future directions of the journal.

Since launch, Neural
has become a must-read within the community, filling a vacant
niche in journal coverage for developmental neurobiologists. 
Articles published have been of a
consistently high quality, cover the breadth of the field, and come from labs
all over the world.  Several articles have been selected by the literature evaluation service Faculty
of 1000
, and many articles are “highly accessed”. 

plans to
build on the successes of the last year by introducing new features; of
particular interest is the development of “head-to-head” reviews from key
proponents of contemparily contentious issues. 
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manuscript to Neural Development and take advantage of our special
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Happy Birthday Neural Development!

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