Exciting news: BMC Methods now open for submissions!

We are pleased to announce that BMC Methods, a new addition to the BMC Series family, is now open for submissions, welcoming innovative Methodology and Protocol articles. This is a fantastic opportunity for researchers to share experimental procedures and novel methodologies, promoting reproducibility, transparency, and the advancement of scientific methods.

APC fees are covered by Springer Nature until December 1, 2024

As part of our commitment to championing reproducibility, transparency, and the continual advancement of scientific methods, BMC Methods is excited to introduce two article types designed to assist our authors in effectively showcasing their innovative techniques and procedures: Methodology Articles and Protocols. We are also pleased to announce that publication costs for BMC Methods are covered by Springer Nature until December 1, 2024. Authors whose articles are accepted for publication before that date won’t be charged an article-processing fee. 

Methodology Articles: advancing scientific frontiers

Methodology articles are expected to introduce experimental or computational methods that represent an advance in their respective fields. Whether it’s an entirely novel approach or an improved version of an existing method, authors are encouraged to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of their methodology in comparison to other alternatives. The method should have undergone testing, validation, and ideally, practical application demonstrating its value.

It’s important to note that Methodology articles do not provide a step-by-step description of the method. Instead, authors are encouraged to submit a detailed step-by-step protocol separately as a Protocol article type, or reference a previously published protocol.

Protocols: a deep dive into experimental techniques

Protocols offer detailed step-by-step descriptions of experimental techniques. To be considered for publication, protocols must provide sufficient details for easy replication, include evidence of the protocol’s success by referencing at least one peer-reviewed publication and represent an advance on previously available methods.

We strongly recommend that authors share their step-by-step protocols on protocols.io before submission. Protocols submitted to BMC Methods will then consist of two interlinked components:

  • A step-by-step protocol on protocols.io, including detailed methodological information.
  • A peer-reviewed BMC Methods article contextualizing the protocol, discussing background, advantages, applications, limitations, troubleshooting, expected results, benchmarking data, and sample datasets.

Additional details about our collaboration with protocols.io can be found here.

We encourage authors to discover the exciting possibilities that BMC Methods has to offer for sharing and advancing scientific methodologies, including intriguing topic-specific Guest Edited Collections, by exploring our website.
If you are interested in joining our our team of international academic editors, you can find detailed application instructions here.
To discover more, please do not hesitate to contact the Editor, Dr. Chiara Cilibrasi (chiara.cilibrasi@springernature.com)

We firmly believe your contributions play a crucial role in driving innovation and progress within the scientific community.
We look forward to receiving your manuscripts!

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