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Peer Review Week 2023: Views on the future of code peer review

The significant growth of genomic data and bioinformatics tools to analyze them has led, inevitably, to discussions around reproducibility and robustness of software. For computational research, the code associated with a manuscript is arguably as important as the manuscript describing it; without the code, the hypothesis and finding of such a study cannot fully be… Read more »

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Introducing BMC Methods: advancing scientific discovery through transparent and robust methodology

We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of BMC Methods, the latest addition to the BMC Series journal family. Set to launch in Autumn 2023, BMC Methods will be the first Springer Nature open access, peer reviewed journal that will focus on providing updates in methods and lab protocols across various scientific disciplines including biology,… Read more »

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Peer review week 2023: AI, peer-review, and the future of scientific publishing

“AI will enhance the future of peer review by using automated systems to analyze and evaluate research articles. It will expedite the review process, improve accuracy, identify biases, and help in handling large volumes of submissions. However, human expertise and judgment will remain crucial in assessing the overall quality and impact of research.” – ChatGPT-3.5 For… Read more »

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BMC Environmental Science: the BMC Series’ interdisciplinary approach towards a sustainable future


The BMC Series is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of BMC Environmental Science – a unique interdisciplinary journal dedicated to advancing our understanding of environmental phenomena and sustainable practices. The climate crisis presents one of the most significant challenges humankind is facing today The climate crisis presents one of the most significant challenges humankind… Read more »

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Highlights of the BMC Series – August 2023

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How does conscientious objection impact service users’ reproductive rights or abortion journey in the UK? Why are minoritized women in the US less likely to access preventive and screening services for breast cancer? Was the world’s first filter feeder a small marine reptile from the early Triassic? How can we use predictive modeling to improve advanced neonatal care for low-birth-weight infants in low- and middle-income countries? Can we improve complex care by simply asking patients what they need?

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