BMC Ecology Image Competition 2017 – 2 weeks to go!

There are less than 2 weeks to submit your entries to the 5th annual BMC Ecology Image Competition! We’ve already received many terrific images from around the world, so be sure to send in your entries by Wednesday 31st May to be in with a chance of winning.

We are also delighted to announce the identity of the guest judge who will pick the overall winner and runner-up: Chris Darimont of the University of Victoria, Canada. As well as producing high quality interdisciplinary research, Chris has demonstrated an admirable commitment to outreach and science communication, and we are thrilled to have him involved in this year’s competition.

Entries are submitted to one of the following five categories, with the winners of each category being chosen by our BMC Ecology Section Editors, who are experts in biodiversity, ecosystems, ecological models, and behavioral ecology.

  • Behavioral and physiological ecology
  • Conservation ecology and biodiversity research
  • Community, population, and macroecology
  • Landscape ecology and ecosystems
  • Theoretical ecology and models

We will consider all images from photos to data visualizations, or a mixture of both – as long as they are striking, meaningful, and creative and depict a specific ecological interaction.

Anyone who is affiliated with a research institution can enter. Please email your images to with the subject line “BMC Ecology Image Competition”.

For more details see the Image Competition homepage.


2016 winners, clockwise from top left: César Garcia, Andrey Giljov, Elin Videvall, Delphine Renard, Marco Zenatello, Julia Spät

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