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Conference proceedings can present some of the most up to date science in the literature, showing results before they are published in journal articles. But proceedings are also often overlooked and hard to access. BMC Proceedings is our journal that has been dedicated to publishing conference proceedings and meeting abstracts since 2007 and which aims to address this.

Alongside the growth of publications in the BMC series portfolio of journals we have seen an increase in the publication of supplements (collections of articles or selected meeting abstracts displayed together in a single issue). All the BMC series journals publish supplements, but not every supplement can fit into a subject-specific journal.

BMC Proceedings was established as a journal not restricted to any particular field within biomedicine, so offers flexibility in the size and theme of its contents. It can publish supplements from as small as a single meeting report right up to over 100 full-length articles.  Supplements from conferences on a specialized topic can be seen alongside those of a diverse or multidisciplinary nature. All full paper articles undergo peer review and are held to the same standards as articles in other BMC series journals, so uphold the BMC series ethos of being open, inclusive and trusted.

Here we review several of our most highly accessed supplements from recent years.

Genetic Analysis Workshop 18: Human sequence data in extended pedigrees (2012)

112 articles were published from the biennial conference, “Genetic Analysis Workshop”, held in Washington, USA in 2012. The conference is a discussion platform to promote research and analysis into how statistics can be used to identify factors influencing genetic risk of complex diseases. Articles from the most recent workshop, held in Vienna in 2014, will be published in BMC Proceedings later in the year.

Abstracts from the International Conference for Healthcare and Medical Students (ICHAMS)

Abstracts from the ICHAMS conference have been published in BMC Proceedings every year since 2011. The conference is attended by undergraduate healthcare and medical students from different countries and provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge as well as an opportunity for students to present their research to peers and professors in the field.

Proceedings of the 5th Symposium on Biological Data Visualization

BioVis 2015 brought together researchers from the visualization, bioinformatics, and biology communities. The resulting papers, published in supplements to BMC Proceedings and BMC Bioinformatics, described problems and solutions in biological data visualization.

If you would like to find out more or have a suggestion for a supplement we would be delighted to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at supplements@biomedcentral.com.

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