Three more BioMed Central journals indexed by Thomson Reuters

BMC Medical Ethics, Journal
of Inflammation
and Pediatric Rheumatology have all recently been accepted for indexing by
Thomson Reuters and are on course to receive their first Impact Factors.

BMC Medical Ethics will receive its first impact factor in June 2012, and currently has an unofficial Impact Factor of 1.68. It is the 35th journal within the BMC-series to be accepted for tracking by Thomson Reuters.

of Inflammation

is due to receive its first Impact Factor in June 2011 and currently has an
unofficial impact factor of 1.75. 
journal launched with BioMed Central in 2004 and recently affiliated with the
British Inflammation Research Association (BIRAS).

will receive its first Impact Factor in June 2012. 
The journal transferred to BioMed
Central in 2007, in its 5th year of publication.

Full details on
indexing of all BioMed Central journals is available from our website.


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