Not just a new blog, but podcasts too…

Yes, all flavors of modern media are on offer from BioMed Central this week…

Check out our updated Open Access Colloquium page for podcasts and downloads of the presentations from the event on February 8th.

It was a genuinely thrilling day, with some superb talks. There was an clear sense among the participants that open access is the way forwards,  so the focus was less on ‘whether’ open access was a good idea, and more on the ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how’.
Audio highlights include Ben Goldacre discussing why taking the London Underground to get to a public library is a not his idea of an information superhighway, Richard Smith drawing powerful parallels between open access to the abolition of slavery, and Michael Kidd identifying the exciting benefits that could result from large scale open access publication of medical case reports. Download them to your iPod  – they’re seriously worth a listen.

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