Monthly Archives: December 2016

Adapting and adopting microbiome data into clinical practice


A recent article collection in BMC Medicine titled ‘Clinical insights into the human microbiome’ explores the most recent and exciting findings on how the microbiome shapes physiological responses and affects treatment. Here, Omry Koren, Guest Editor of the collection and Silvio Pitlik take a look at the history of clinical microbiology as well as the delay in the adoption of microbiome data into the mainstream of clinical practice.


The curious case of an internal pilot in a multicentre randomized trial


Multicentre randomized trials are complex projects and the need for a formal check to ensure its progressing how you would hope, generally known as an ‘internal pilot’, is becoming more common. However, an article published today in Pilot and Feasibility Studies questions this terminology and here, lead author Jonathan Cook answers questions on why they raised these concerns and how they hope the community might respond.

Medical Evidence Medicine

Lessons learnt from a study of volunteers providing befriending in the last year of life


A wait-list controlled trial published today in BMC Medicine provides the evidence for use of volunteer support intervention in palliative care. Here, author Catherine Walshe discusses the key challenges encountered at the design and recruitment phases of the trial. Please be aware that some of the references in this blog require a subscription to read the full text.