An open access platform for Transplantation Research

Transplantation Research, a new open access journal, has today published its first articles with BioMed Central.

The journal’s scope can be reflected in these articles, which aims to publish broadly across transplantation science, with content directed towards both basic scientists and clinicians in this field. For example, Yamaoka et al. investigate a novel approach for organ preservation by utilizing the photosynthetic respiratory processes of a Chlorella solution. De Lima et al. present a review of current strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease (CAD) in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease, and Samsonov et al. examine the ability of endothelial cells, epithelial cells and fibroblasts to activate T cells via the direct and indirect pathways of allorecognition.

Whilst the scope aims to be broad and covers a large number of topics, the journal emphasizes the publication of experimental research and pilot clinical trials that introduce new ideas and concepts to the field of transplantation. Submissions for clinical trial protocols are especially welcome, as discussions around clinical trial design is an area that has been somewhat overlooked in this field.

In their launch editorial, the Editors-in-Chief, Prof Edward Geissler from University of Regensburg and Prof Alan Jardine from University of Glasgow, reference the current public debate around open access, and state their objectives for the journal:

“These are unmistakable signals that the time and technology has come to bring our research results to all researchers, regardless of their local library funding resources, and to the general public. Moreover, it is recognition that public funding supports most research and that the public should have open access to the work they are paying for. Therefore, we have taken on the task of establishing the journal Transplantation Research to help fulfill a mandate in transplantation to provide more full access to current knowledge in the field.”

With the launch of Transplantation Research, there is a new publishing platform to contribute to the improvement of outcomes following transplantation. Visit the website for more information or to sign-up for article alerts.

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