Stem cell research in the Asia-Pacific: call for papers

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Stem Cell Research & Therapy invites the submission of original research manuscripts for inclusion in a special series on stem cell research in the Asia-Pacific region, to be published later in 2012.

The series is edited by Oscar Lee (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan), Songtao Shi (University of Southern California, USA), Yufang Shi and Ying Jin (Institute of Health Sciences, China), and aims to showcase the extensive and innovative work being performed in the area. Open access research articles will be published alongside a series of review and opinion pieces written by leaders in the field, including Kyung-Sun Kang, Hung-Chih Kuo and Minghao Zheng.

Edited by Rocky S Tuan and Timothy O’Brien, Stem Cell Research & Therapy publishes basic, translational, and clinical research into stem cell therapeutics, including animal models, and clinical trials. The journal has a particular interest in the use of stem cells for drug discovery and testing, stem cell manufacture, and biomaterials. More information can be found on our about page.

Manuscripts should be submitted online before 30th June 2012, please indicate in your covering letter that you wish the manuscript to be considered for the Asia-Pacific series.

To inquire about the suitability of a study for consideration, please email

Philippa Locke
In-house Editor, Stem Cell Research & Therapy

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