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Stem Cell Research & Therapy is expected to receive its first Impact Factor in June 2012, having been accepted for tracking by Thomson Reuters (ISI). The journal launched in March 2010 and recently marked its first anniversary. Congratulations to Rocky Tuan and Timothy O’Brien, the Editors-in-Chief, and the Editorial Board for ensuring such a strong start for the journal, as indicated by the fact it will be indexed from Volume 1.

In addition to outstanding open access research articles with a focus on stem cell therapeutics, such as a recent article from Deborah Sullivan’s group investigating how human multipotent stromal cells attenuate inflammation in acute lung injury, Stem Cell Research & Therapy also publishes in-depth reviews and commentaries on the latest developments in stem cell research, which are available by subscription. Why not visit the website and check out our most popular articles, including Maya Sieber Blum’s commentary on epidermal stem cell dynamics, and a review from Johnny Huard and colleagues discussing the paracrine effect of transplanted stem cells in regeneration?

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