Genome Medicine publishes first research article

Genome Medicine is proud to announce the publication of its first research article. The article, covering work on systems medicine and informatics, reflects the journal’s aim to publish high-quality research across a wide range of topics relevant for medical researchers and clinicians.

The article, titled ‘A kernel-based integration of genome-wide data for clinical decision support’, reports work by Bart de Moor’s group at the University of Leuven and describes a novel algorithm that allows the integration of genome-wide data from different sources and leads to improved clinical outcome prediction from cancer data sets.

Genome Medicine publishes research articles of outstanding quality in all areas of medicine studied from a genomic or post-genomic perspective. The journal also regularly publishes reviews, minireviews and commentaries that assess progress in the management of health and disease informed from genomic and post-genomic research, as well as the ethical, social and legal challenges associated with developments in this emerging field.

Genome Medicine is led by six renowned Section Editors and supported by an internationally recognized Editorial Board.

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Iratxe Puebla
Senior Editor, Genome Medicine

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