Announcing the launch of BioMed Central's premier medical journal – Genome Medicine

The premier
medical journal Genome Medicine proudly announces the
publication of its inaugural issue.

This issue
features content from the biggest names in the field Charles Auffray, Leroy
Hood and Zhu Chen
, examine systems medicine and discuss its increasing
importance to the future of global healthcare. Timothy D Veenstra and Que Van
review new prospects in biomarker discovery via metabolomics and mass
spectrometry approaches. In addition, Timothy Caulfield highlights the
challenges inherent in the use of race and ancestry in biomedical research.

Genome Medicine is a forum
for the discussion and critical review of information about all areas of
medicine informed by genomic research. The journal publishes open access
research articles of outstanding quality in all areas of medicine studied from
a genomic or post-genomic perspective, as well as reviews, minireviews, and
commentaries that have a special focus on the latest technologies and findings
that impact on the understanding and management of human health and disease. As
discussed in our launch editorial, Genome
Medicine will perform a crucial role in assisting scientists and clinicians
to better understand the evolving medical landscape and in translating the most
recent advances to their patients.

Genome Medicine is led by
six renowned Section Editors and is supported by an internationally recognized Editorial Board. 

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about the journal, please visit the journal ‘About‘ page or contact the editorial office
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Nicole Nogoy
Managing Editor – Genome Medicine.

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