Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice joins BioMed Central

The launch of Hereditary
Cancer in Clinical Practice
marks the third journal to transfer to
BioMed Central’s open access publishing platform this year. The move benefits
both authors and readers of Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice with
increased visibility and comprehensive indexing. This will complement the
exposure generated from the journal’s recent acceptance for tracking by Thomson Reuters
(Impact Factor due 2010).

Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice first
began publishing in 2003 and remains under the auspices of the International
Union Against Cancer
. Led by Editors-in-Chief, Jan
Lubiński, Rodney J. Scott and Rolf Sijmons, the journal continues to
provide a discussion forum for the development of appropriate health care
strategies for cancer genetics. The first articles published with BioMed
Central reflect this cause. Dr Inmyanitov and colleagues present a case report of genetic testing for BRCA1
, while Professor Scott’s team look for a possible association between MUTYH genetic variation and colorectal and
endometrial cancers

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