Call for papers: International Journal for Equity in Health announces special series in Multimorbidity and Equity in Health

Multimorbidity, the co-occurrence of health conditions in individuals and populations, is a phenomenon with high burden and high prevalence in persons and groups of disadvantaged circumstances, such as low socioeconomic status, immigrants, and ethnic/cultural minorities.

The Editors of International Journal for Equity in Health is now accepting submissions on Multimorbidity and Equity in Health for inclusion in a special series on the topic.

This thematic series will accept papers on patterns and trends of multimorbidity inequity, variations in multimorbidity burden by social characteristics, and on the impact of multimoribity inequity on health care resource use and outcomes.

We welcome submissions via our online system, indicating in the cover letter you would like the manuscript to be considered for the Mulitmorbidity and Equity in Health series – the deadline for submission is the 1st December 2012. A special 20% discount off the publication fee will be granted to papers accepted to this special series.

International Journal for Equity in Health aims to improve the understanding of issues that influence the health of populations. This includes the discussion of political, policy-related, economic, social and health services-related influences, particularly with regard to systematic differences in distributions of one or more aspects of health in population groups defined demographically, geographically, or socially. If you would like more information please consult the journal website or contact

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