Measuring health workforce inequalities: methods and applications – Call for papers

The World Health Organization’s Department of Human Resources for Health (WHO/HRH), in collaboration with the International Statistical Institute (ISI), solicits high-quality submissions of original statistical research results and/or experience focusing on the topic of "Measuring health workforce inequalities: methods and applications". Selected papers are to be presented at a Special Topic Meeting of the 57th Session of the ISI which will be held in Durban, South Africa in August 2009.

The goal of the Special Topic Meeting is to promote statistical discourse on measuring health workforce inequalities and the implications for policy and planning. Submissions should focus on methodological developments and applications for measuring health workforce inequalities, with special attention to monitoring trends (over time and/or areas) and evaluating their impacts on health systems performance and population health outcomes. Papers may be written in either of the working languages of the conference, i.e. English or French.

The WHO Department of Human Resources for Health will consider covering the costs of up to four researchers to present their papers at the Special Topic Meeting. Priority will be given to researchers from low and middle income countries who do not receive financial support from an international

The deadline for submission of abstract is 13 April 2009. Full papers must be submitted by 15 May 2009 according to the format prescribed. 

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