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The RBPome: unlocking a new layer in gene regulation

Naomi Attar

In 2012, Genome Biology joined with a number of other journals to publish articles describing the ENCODE project, which set out to catalog how… Read more »

Ready yourself for the RBPome

Naomi Attar

Genome Biology today publishes the first set of articles in this month's special issue focused on 'the RBPome'. We will continue to… Read more »

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Binded by the light

On Biology

A major focus of Genome Biology's RBPome issue is the role that RNA-binding proteins play in regulating splicing within the… Read more »

John Rinn and Jernej Ule: Guest Editors for Genome Biology RBPome issue

Genome Biology logo
On Biology

Genome Biology is very pleased to announce the Guest Editors of our special issue on the RBPome as John Rinn and Jernej Ule. The… Read more »

The RBPome: submissions open for a new Genome Biology special issue

On Biology

Genome Biology is now inviting submissions for a special issue on "the RBPome". Advances in genomics have vastly… Read more »

Spicing up splicing – with poison exons

On Biology

Regulatory networks in which proteins bind to DNA to alter gene expression are a well established feature of cell biology, but… Read more »