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Joseph Hasan & Kyla Buckingham

Joseph is a Journal Development Editor and Kyla is a Senior Journal Development Editor at BioMed Central.

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Davy Falkner

Hi Carol, the quiz has now been updated so that the correct answer to question #7 is given.


#14 “mtDNA is only passed from the mother to the child, because only eggs have mitochondria” – this statement is inherentely wrong, as also the sperm has mitochondria (otherwise, the energy for the movement would be missing). However, as it is correctly stated in the linked NYT article, these mitochondria are fastly depleted after the sperm-oocyte-Membrane fusion, and are normally no longer detectable in the Zygote. Therefore, I consider to reformulate the question or Change the correct answer Option.

Davy Falkner

Thank you for brining this error to our attention. The question has been corrected.

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