Ocean Acidification: Approaches to Mitigation and Adaptation

Global oceans provide numerous and varied resources which humans, and other organisms rely on. However, with the growing threat of increasing carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere disrupting the chemical balance of the ocean, these resources are now in danger of being destroyed. This could be both ecologically and economically devastating. The importance of research into ocean acidification has long been stressed in the hope that researchers can find a prevention for the rising acidity of the oceans, which is destroying many marine habitats and ecosystems by creating an intolerable environment for the marine animals and plants living there.

With ongoing research into this area, we now should be looking to ways to implement this research into a comprehensive policy to tackle ocean acidification. In order to facilitate these discussions Carbon Balance and Management is now accepting submissions to a new thematic series- ‘Ocean Acidification: Approaches to Mitigation and Adaptation’, which aims to provide a widely accessible forum for the presentation and discussion of research into ocean acidification, and how these studies can be used to inform management and policy.

In this series, we not only aim to highlight important findings in this area, but also to facilitate interdisciplinary discussions with the overriding goal of working towards a comprehensive global carbon strategy. Continued study and assessment of oceanic carbon is key to enhancing our understanding of the global carbon cycle, and the intention of this series is to highlight the importance of research in this subject.

The series will be edited by Co-Editor-in-Chief, Burke Hales, whose own research into oceanic carbon focuses on the linked problems of ocean acidification and hypoxia. Manuscripts can be submitted via the online submission system, stating clearly in the cover letter that the manuscript is intended for the thematic series on Ocean Acidification: Approaches to Mitigation and Adaptation.

For further information, please visit the journal website or email editorialteam@cbmjournal.com.

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