Animal Biotelemetry is now accepting submissions

A challenge that confronts all researchers who collect vast quantities of data, be they behavioural measurements such as an animal’s height or depth, flying or swimming  speeds, movement along three axes, or environmental measurements of temperature  and irradiance levels, is how best to distil them to answer important scientific questions.

Animal Biotelemetry is a new open access journal which aims to serve as a forum for  discussion of these questions, where insights gained through telemetric techniques can be used to understand physiological, behavioural, and ecological mechanisms in a wide range of taxa.

Edited by Pete Klimley  (University of California Davis), the journal is supported by an international Editorial Board and covers all research using telemetric techniques to enhance scientific knowledge and understanding on a broad range of topics related to animal biology. Areas of interest include descriptions of behaviour and physiology, applied conservation and wildlife management problems, as well as innovations in design of tracking systems and the development of analytical methods.

For more information on Animal Biotelemetry, or to submit a manuscript, please visit the journal website or contact the Editorial Office.

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