Introducing Genome Biology’s special issue Guest Editor: Alex Meissner

As reported previously on this blog, Genome Biology is to publish a special issue on epigenomics in the late summer. For consideration in the issue, we are inviting submissions of Research, Method and Software manuscripts on all aspects of the epigenome, such as:

  • methylomes (and hydroxymethylomes)
  • histone modifications
  • nucleosome positioning
  • higher order chromatin structure
  • genome-interacting non-coding RNA

Stepping into the shoes of Guest Editor for the special issue is Harvard Medical School's Alex Meissner, whose additional affiliations include the Broad Institute and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

Alex is a world leader in the research of epigenetic reprogramming and pluripotency, and as the author of numerous highly cited epigenomics studies, he could not be better placed to guest edit the issue.

Alex explains that, although he has "always been interested in epigenetics", its study has recently reached dizzying new heights thanks to advances made in sequencing technologies. "These have helped push the field to a new level – it's getting better and more exciting every year."

The submissions deadline for the special issue is April 30th. Interested authors should use Genome Biology's regular submission site, but indicate in a covering letter that the manuscript is to be considered for the special issue. Requests for further information are welcome and should be sent to

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