Microbiome is now accepting submissions!

There are more microorganisms within our bodies than there are human cells. The oceans teem with bacterial and viral microorganisms. The last few years have seen an explosion of research in identifying and characterising the microorganisms found in human and environmental niches, known as the microbiome.

Microbiome is a new open access journal which aims to unite investigators conducting research in environmental, agricultural and biomedical aspects of microbial ecology. Edited by Jacques Ravel, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Eric Wommack, University of Delaware, the journal is supported by an international Editorial Board and covers all aspects of human and environmental microbiome research.

Topics considered for publication include microbial surveys, bioinformatics, meta-omics approaches and community/host interaction modeling.  Through this collection of literature Microbiome hopes to integrate researchers having common scientific objectives across a broad cross-section of sub-disciplines within microbial ecology.

For more information on Microbiome, or to submit a manuscript, please visit the journal website or contact the Editorial Office.

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