Flavour – a new journal launched today

Flavour is a new
multi-disciplinary journal that launches today with BioMed Central. The journal covers all aspects of eating
food, as mediated through the senses, and welcomes contributions from the fields
of neuroscience, psychology, genetics, sensory science and food chemistry. Flavour
especially encourages contributions from chefs, often working in collaboration
with academic research groups.

The first issue covers the role of attention in flavour
perception, the impact of food aroma on bite size and the
development of new seaweed
flavourings from renowned restaurant Noma and the Nordic Food Lab.

To celebrate the launch, BioMed Central is co-hosting a
seminar next Wednesday 28th March at Senate House, University of
London, where some of the authors will be presenting their work.  This will include tasting samples of new food
products developed by Noma and the Nordic Food Lab.  For more information, or to buy tickets (£10
each), please click here.

For more information about Flavour, visit the journal website
or contact the Editorial Office.

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