Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders moves to open access




Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders published its first open access articles today with BioMed Central.  The journal was launched by Springer in 2009, publishing research focusing on the pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders.

The Editor-in-Chief, Professor Joseph Piven, discusses the move to open access in his launch Editorial:

“Given the high relevance of the work published in this journal to families, clinicians and researchers through the world, we are committed to this new and equitable approach to dissemination of scientific findings in our field.”

The journal also published two research articles today, including a study from Knox et al. which provides support for the use of the Test of Attentional Performance for Children (KiTAP) in Fragile X Syndrome.   Bishop et al. look at long term language difficulties in children who are late talkers, and report that three-quarters of children tested did not have any difficulties at 4 years of age, provided there was no family history of language impairment.

Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders will also be publishing a thematic series on reward processing in autism later in the year, please sign up for article alerts to receive regular updates on new content.

The journal moves to BioMed Central with an Impact Factor of 1.27.  Please visit the “About page” for further information.

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