Exploring circuits using computation and experiment; reflections on Neural Systems & Circuits’ first year

In an Editorial to mark the 1st
birthday of Neural Systems & Circuits,
Peter Latham and Venkatesh Murthy (Editors-in-Chief) reflect upon the goals
and achievements of this new journal aiming to bridge the gap between theory
and experiment in the neurosciences.

2011 saw the journal’s inclusion in
PubMed, the initiation of the Invertebrate Circuitry
thematic series, and the start of the Opinionated Neuroscientists series. Commenting on the range of articles published in the
journal, Latham and Murthy write “In our inaugural
Editorial, we noted our desire to foster communication among theorists and experimentalists. Promisingly, computational and experimental papers have taken
residence side by side in the first year. Research articles spanned a broad
range, both in technique and organism. Computational work has included analysis
of electrical coupling among neurons in the cerebellum and papers on visual
cortical circuits.” 

To read the article in full and for more information about the journal,
visit the Neural Systems & Circuits homepage.

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