4th ASICON – Lucknow-India, 16-18 December, 2011

The 4th National Conference of AIDS Society of India (ASICON) has been held December 16th through 18th at the Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow – India, with contribution of 30 International and 40 national speakers articulated  in 20 plenary sessions, discussion forums, workshops, abstract & poster sessions.

The Program is available at the Conference web-page and has been focused on several aspects of HIV/AIDS epidemic in India, including AIDS-associated malignancies.

A special issue of the Conference has been to evaluate appropriate preventive measures in particular for Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT), considering that currently only a third of the 23’000’000 deliveries per year are screened  for HIV. On the screening issue the  special subject  "Is India ready for testing all the patients in clinical settings" has been debated by Dr Jyoti Dhar (UK) and Dr I.S. Gilada (Mumbai), who is ASICON Chair and CEO.


Furthermore this year event included publication of Conference Proceedings and assembling of real-time presentation movies. The video film, titled “GETTING TO ZERO: Long Road Ahead for India’s AIDS Programme” (time: 28:30 minutes) is in two parts: Part I and II, available at  https://youtu.be/zt8UL136IHs and  https://youtu.be/mRBD0D1oGtQ, respectively.




Cultural activities of Indian heritage performed at the Conference:  

Franco Buonaguro

Dr Buonaguro is the Editor-in-Chief of Infectious Agents and Cancer. He is currently the Director of Molecular Biology and Viral Oncology Unit, in the Department of Experimental Oncology at the Natl Cancer Institute “Fondazione Pascale”, Naples - Italy.

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