Expanded scope and NEW website for Saline Systems

Since July 4, 2005, Saline Systems has been publishing high-quality research articles and reviews on all aspects of saline environments and their micro and macro flora and fauna. 
With the increasing importance of many aquatic environments to human health and welfare, and the changing salinity of many environments, the journal has taken a decision to expand its scope to cover all aspects of basic and applied research on aquatic organisms and environments.  This expanded scope includes everything from hypersaline, marine and brackish, to freshwater systems, and basic and applied research from gene systems to ecosystems. 
We are looking for new and exciting articles to reflect the greater breadth that the journal will now cover.  If you would like to submit a manuscript in any of these areas, participate in the exciting work of the journal, or just find out more about the expansion of Saline Systems, please contact me at sdassarma@som.umaryland.edu.  I look forward to hearing from you!   
Shiladitya DasSarma
Saline Systems

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