Silence launches with BioMed Central

Silence, a new open access journal covering all aspects of genetic and epigenetic control  mediated by RNA, has launched with Phil Zamore and David Baulcombe as Editors-in-Chief.  Silence is supported by an outstanding international Editorial Board.

The first articles published in Silence today cover a range of RNA regulatory areas. Mueller et al describe the Solution structure of the Drosha double-stranded RNA-binding domain, while Dr Parker reviews the role of argonaute as a key component in RNA slicing, particularly in light of recent work by Patel et al.

Silence aims to become the
journal for the RNA silencing and non-coding RNA community, bringing
together researchers working on all model organisms, and from both
academia and industry. 

If you are interested in RNA silencing, please visit the journal homepage to read our latest articles and submit work
of your own.  If you would like to receive regular emails detailing the
most recently published articles please register for email alerts.  We will also be highlighting interesting findings and news on the journal blog site; please sign up for RSS feeds to stay abreast of the latest news in this field.

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