Mobile DNA – novel insights into DNA rearrangement




In recent years, the impact of mobile genetic elements
which can ‘jump’ from one genomic location to another, and in doing so bring
about genetic recombination and genome reorganization, has been revealed.

A new journal that launches today, Mobile DNA, will publish
articles that provide novel insight into the mechanisms and regulation of these
mobile elements, and also the implications of the genetic rearrangements for cellular
function and organism evolution.

The first published articles include a launch Editorial from
the Editors-in-Chief, several research articles, and a review of how
discoveries into the mechanisms of mobile DNA have informed evolutionary
theory in the 21st century

Mobile DNA launches with Professors Nancy Craig,
and Daniel Voytas
as Editors-in-Chief. An international Editorial Board, comprised
of leading researchers in the field, supports them.

In the words of co-Editor-in-Chief Dan Voytas  "Mobile
provides a unique forum for researchers to communicate their latest
findings on mobile elements – from mechanistic insights to evolutionary
impacts.” To keep up to date with the latest publications, register
with Mobile DNA to receive regular updates and journal news, or follow
our RSS feed.

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