Meeting Abstracts published in Retrovirology

Retrovirology has recently published the meeting’s abstracts from the Fifth Dominique Dormont International Conference  Other meetings that have published their abstracts in Retrovirology can be viewed at

Why should meetings publish their abstracts with Retrovirology?  First, not all colleagues can go to the meeting; and many who did not attend would like to view the abstracts of the presentations at the meeting.  Making your abstracts Open Access by publishing with Retrovirology captures a much wider audience than that reached by a subscription-based journal.  Second, published Retrovirology supplements are listed in PubMed, further broadening the visibiity of the abstracts.  Third, published supplements are permanently archived electronically.  Once a conference has been completed and the conference abstract book has been ditched, a few years later one can still return to the Retrovirology supplements site to find the abstract that one wishes to recall.  

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