Brady-Grassmann-Harrington Retrovirology Award in Brazil

At the 14th International Retrovirology Association (IRA) Conference held in Salvador, Brazil, July 2009, Retrovirology renamed its biennial HTLV-award as the Brady – Grassmann – Harrington HTLV Prize.  This renaming was done in order to honor three esteemed HTLV-1 scientists who passed away recently (John Brady, Ralph Grassmann, and Bill Harrington).  The first Brady-Grassmann-Harrington HTLV Prize was presented to Carlos Brites.  Previous Retrovirology HTLV prizes presented at past IRA conferences have gone to Charles Bangham and Mitsuaki Yoshida.


The Brady-Grassmann-Harrington HTLV Prize was presented by KT Jeang (left) and Luc Willems (right) to Carlos Brites (center).

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